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Online Degrees And Certificate Programs

365英国上市官网's online programs provide convenient, flexible pathways to professional development and career advancement.

Our online degrees provide the same 教育al and professional benefits as our on-campus programs, while offering the added convenience and flexibility of online learning. You can earn more than 30 fully online degrees and certificates at Oakland, and we offer many more partially online programs that combine in-person and online courses. With high-caliber faculty and rigorous academics, our online programs attract students from leading employers in 教育, 业务, 政府, 卫生保健, 以及其他领域. Whether you seek to qualify for a promotion, add a professional license, or enhance your resume for the job market, Oakland’s online degrees and certificate programs equip you to move your career forward.

365英国上市官网's online degrees and online courses reinforce Oakland’s tradition of offering practical, career-oriented 教育 for a diverse population, including adult learners and working professionals.You’ll get a valuable, relevant 教育 in our online programs, which stand out for their:

  • Robust professional development. Oakland’s online degrees offer the same rigorous academics and real-world training as on our on-site programs. Many programs pair online coursework with internships, 工作位置, 监督研究, and immersive projects, so you’ll graduate with tangible achievements and hands-on experiences that prepare you for career advancement.
  • Innovative and hard-to-find programs. Many of our online degrees and certificates fill specialized niches that are at the cutting edge of their respective industries. You can acquire advanced skills and unique credentials in 业务, 教育, 护理, health sciences and other fields.
  • High-caliber faculty. Unlike many universities, Oakland assigns its senior faculty to online programs and provides them with focused training to enhance online learning. You’ll work with the same prominent scholars and professional experts who teach in our campus classrooms, and you’ll have regular contact and develop real relationships with them.
  • Comprehensive support. 我们提供高品质服务, high-tech online programs with well-rounded services that include academic support, 职业发展, technical assistance, financial aid and more.

Guides for Online Teaching and Learning

教师 Guide for Online Teaching
Student Guide for 在线学习

E-Learning and Instructional Support

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Rochester, MI 48309-4479
Office and Virtual Help: (248) 805-1625
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